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Body parts

All parts that mount to the body /chassis of the car

Brand: PNK Model: 53450-30100
Pair of Gas Struts for the bonnet/hood of series #S13# Crown800 N, 500 mm length, including mounting pins M8Suitable for GS130, GS131, GS136JZS130, JZS131LS130, LS131, LS136MS130, MS132, MS133, MS135, MS137UZS131YS130due to the length and power these struts will also fit crown series #S12#, #S1..
3,424.00 ฿
Model: ClipRnd11g6
Clip, plasticRound 11 mm,Hole 5-7 mmmostly used for grill mounts..
40.00 ฿
Model: ClipVK10,5x11,4g7
Clip, plasticFor hole square 10,5 x 11,5 mm, Hole 7 mmmostly used for grill mounts..
50.00 ฿
Model: ClipVK9g4,5
Clip, plasticSquare 9,5 mm, Round top 16,5 mm,Hole 4,5 mm..
45.00 ฿
Model: ClipVk9vkg4,5
Clip, plasticSquare 9 mm, Square top 12 mm,Height 12 mmHole 4,5 mm..
40.00 ฿
Model: ClipVk9x8,5vkg4
Clip, plasticSquare 9 x 8,5 mm, Square top 13 mm,Height 10 mmHole 4 mm..
40.00 ฿
Model: ClipRoundV9,5
Clip, plasticSquare 9,5 mm, Round top 19,5 mm,Hole 5 mm..
40.00 ฿
Model: ClipVK9,5g3
Clip, plasticSquare 9,5 mm, Square top 19,5 mm,Hole 3 mmmostly used for grill mounts..
40.00 ฿
Model: bundleseals
Consists of-set of 4 doorseals-set of 4 outside weatherstrips-set of 4 U-shape velvet glassrunners..
5,200.00 ฿
Model: FrontWindscreenRubMX13
Front Windscreen rubber, new, MX/RX13..
2,200.00 ฿
Model: FrontWindscreenRub22-23
Front Windscreen rubber, new, TA22-232-door..
1,400.00 ฿
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