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Brake Pads Musashi

Musashi passenger brake pads

  • For a speed driving
  • Constant braking & low dust


  • Non asbestos organic (Nao TechnologyFriction stable over  a wide range of temperatures
  • Responds well in all driving condition
  • Excellent performance
  • Low dust for clean wheels and tyres
  • Low noise
  • Rotor friendly
  • Limited-friendly product
Brand: Musashi Model: 04491-30010p
Pad Kit, Disc Brake, FrontSuitable for front discsMS50, MS55 (from sep 68 onwards)MS60, MS64- MS65MS75..
1,200.00 ฿
Brand: Musashi Model: 04465-30021
Pad Kit, Disc Brake, FrontSuitable for front discsMS80-MS100GS120-121-126MS121YS120 ..
1,400.00 ฿
Brand: Musashi Model: 04491-30010
Pad Kit, Disc Brake, FrontSuitable for front discsMS83, MS85, MS88MS95RS80as well as Hilux LN30-LN40-RN41..
1,200.00 ฿
Brand: Musashi Model: 04466-30010
Pad Kit, Disc Brake, RearSuitable for GS131, GS141JZS131, JZS133, JZS135, JZS141, JZS143, JZS145LS131, LS141MS133, MS135, MS137UZS131..
1,400.00 ฿
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